Outlet or Electrical Panel on the Fritz?

Outlet or Electrical Panel on the Fritz?

Connect with a skilled electrician right away

An electrical issue is enough to make anyone stress. But you can rest easy when you work with Alb Electric Corp. Our trained technicians will arrive as soon as possible, locate the issue and provide a long-lasting fix.

Whether you need several repairs to your electrical system or a simple outlet fix, you can count on us. We always use high-quality materials and approved techniques to make sure your repair holds up throughout the years. If you live in Park Ridge, Des Plaines, Norridge or Rosemont, IL, schedule an appointment with our skilled team today.

Trust us to make all the electrical repairs you need

Your electrical system contains a lot of moving parts, which means a lot of ways something can go wrong. Thankfully, you can trust us to find a solution. We often repair:

  • Outlets that are warm or giving off a burning smell
  • Ceiling fans that are loose or making strange noises
  • Electrical panels that are constantly tripping or causing flickering lights

Contact us today to set up a phone consultation. And don't forget to ask for a free estimate.